Edward Michael Grylls once said that fishing was an art that took patience – being experienced fishermen, we know that fishing is a multidimensional art and that appropriate equipment selection is one of its elements.
As experienced fishermen, we make products which we have always dreamed of. Our work results in certified, perfectly executed and cost-optimized products.

The materials used in production and execution method (fully-welded construction), body design providing good performance, unsinkability, comfortable use, perfectly flat cockpit floor – these are the features of our boats.
The production material is the 3mm thick aluminum sheet PA13 of the highest quality. It is a very durable aluminum alloy resistant to corrosion by salty sea water.
All construction welds are double welds. We do not use rivets, screws or bolts during body construction. All aluminum boats that we produce have four displacement chambers which make the units unsinkable.


Width: 4,70 m
Height: 1,95 m
Maximum engine power: 44,2 kW

Mass of empty unit equipped

(without motor):

Maximum load capacity: 580kg
Maximum number of people: 5
Material: aluminium
Design category: C




Our boats are products of a lot of work and many tested solutions. Boats in our offer are exceptionally safe, practical, fast, durable, resistant and of attractive and modern appearance.

Basing on our experience, we are able to execute any personalized order, providing permanent and full counseling by our employees. We will produce a boat which you will be more than satisfied with.


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